The future is right around the corner


Mt. Pleasant News


For many, New Year?s Eve is typically a time for reflection. A chance to look over the past year and remember everything they?ve been through, both the good and bad and things they would have done differently.

Well, I?ve never really been one for living in the past.

While I was growing up, I hated how my sister would traditionally spend New Year?s Eve reading through her journal entries from the past year.

As the much less philosophical, impatient younger sister, I would always spend New Year?s Eve intermittently pounding on her bedroom door and yelling at her to come out and play with me. I couldn?t understand why she would want to be shut up in her bedroom, re-living the past when there was so much fun to be had right now.

Although I understand my sister?s tradition now, I still avoid it myself. I will not be spending Monday night re-living 2012. Because to me, New Year?s Eve is not about reminiscing about the year gone by. Rather, it is about anticipating the year to come.

After all, as the clock nears midnight, we?re not counting down the minutes left of 2012. We?re counting down the minutes until 2013. We?re counting down to a brand new year where anything and everything can happen to us. And while standing on the brink of the unknown can be terrifying, it can also be exhilarating.

I was thinking about this on Wednesday morning when I walked into work and suppressed a girlish squeal of excitement when I saw a brand new 2013 calendar sitting on my desk. Even though you may think there is nothing special about a calendar, I would beg to disagree. There?s something thrilling about a brand new calendar that hasn?t even been written on yet. It?s like the new year is a blank slate. The future is yours to write.

I could not resist the urge to look at the large, empty boxes just waiting to be filled and I carefully pulled the bottom corners out of their little plastic covers and paged through the calendar. My excitement wasn?t even marred by noticing my birthday will be on a Monday.

As I glanced through the coming year, I couldn?t help but think about a favorite quote from the author John Green: ?You are going to live a good and long life filled with great and terrible moments that you cannot even imagine yet!?

To me, that?s what new calendars represent: Great and terrible moments that we can?t even imagine yet. The crisp, clean, unmarked pages are full of promise for the future. Although they are just lines printed on paper, those blank boxes represent experiences waiting to happen. People to meet. Memories to be made. Opportunities to embrace. Life to be lived.

Who knows what 2013 will bring. I can?t wait to find out. As I sat there on Wednesday morning, I was ready to toss out my old calendar, bidding 2012 adieu, and rip off the cover of my new calendar, welcoming 2013 with open arms.

I?ve never been a very patient person, but I guess I can wait until Tuesday.