The best dog ever


Mt. Pleasant News


It is my life?s dream to own a dog. I don?t want just any dog, I want a family-friendly, well-trained German Shepherd. The place I am living right now doesn?t allow pets (which is fine, because I really don?t have the time for a dog right now), so this will have to be tacked on my list of things I hope to have happen at that magical time called ?Someday.?

Even if someday I get the exact kind of dog I want ? trained to perfection and incredibly loving ? my someday dog will never be as amazing as the dog I knew in my childhood, Boogers.

Boogers was my grandparents? dog and the poor guy was dumped off at their home out in the country when I was quite young. (I guess some dogs really do go to live on a farm with really happy people when they mysteriously disappear from home.)

I?m sure my grandma and grandpa intended to name their new mutt something classy like Benji or something, but with two fairly young grandkids, the name ?Boogers? stuck a little better.

I wasn?t very old when the black, brown and gray-haired Shih Tzu came to live with my grandparents. He liked chasing (and running into/under) golf carts, spending time with my grandpa and playing with me.

My first and favorite memory of the dog was also one of the first times I remember spending the night at grandma and grandpa?s (although I?m sure it wasn?t the first time I had stayed there). My parents went somewhere and my brother and I stayed with my grandparents. When it was time to go to sleep, I missed my parents quite a bit and woke up crying. That weird new dog jumped up on my bed (which was pretty funny to watch because he was so short), stole my pillow out from under me and crawled under my head and spent the rest of the night helping me sleep soundly. His breath smelled horrible, but it was the sweetest memory I have of that dog.

Due to his love of running, my brother and I would often race that poor little dog all around my grandparents? yard, just to see who was the fastest. I hate to admit it, but it was usually my brother or the dog, but it was fun to just be outside playing.

I?ve heard it said that a dog is a man?s best friend. I?d like to think that not only is a dog a man?s best friend, but a granddaughter?s best friend as well.

Any time I went to my grandparents? house, Boogers was at my side, or my brother?s.

Boogers passed away several years ago from being a little too over-eager to chase a car that passed my grandparents? house.

I hope that someday when I get my own dog, he has at least half of Boogers? personality and friendliness.