Thanks for taking care of me


Mt. Pleasant News


Life has been interesting lately. To make a very long story short, my gallbladder was removed on June 10. I wasn?t originally going to write about any of this, but I wanted to take the time to thank everyone at Henry County Health Center for taking such good care of me.

Most of that day is a blur, so I don?t really remember names and faces too well. As I sit here a week later, I can think of at least 11 different people who were involved in my care. I was given a list of your names, but I don?t know where it is right now. And while I don?t remember all of your names, I do remember that all of you were incredible and did an outstanding job.

So I?d like to apologize if I happened to snap at any of you.

It turns out I?m a very grumpy girl when I?m coming out of anesthesia. Voices annoy me, and I find them especially irritating when they?re trying to wake me up.

I believe that most of my snippiness was directed at my parents, who I know I snapped at on more than one occasion. I remember at one point I cracked my right eye open (my left eyelid felt so much heavier) and saw Mom leaning over me, trying to get me to wake up. I quickly shut my eye and feebly pushed her, mumbling, ?Go sit over there and stop talking.?

Sorry, Mom.

Thankfully, I remember being much nicer to all of the hospital employees. But, that doesn?t mean that I was an easy patient.

I almost fainted twice. That ?almost? is only in that sentence thanks to some quick actions from the lab techs and nurses.

To the lab tech who used her body to keep me from falling off the chair while drawing my blood ? thank you. I?d also like to thank the other tech who kept me alert by getting me a wet paper towel and fanning me with a Kleenex box. You may have thought you looked like a dork, but it really helped.

To the nurses upstairs who were there when I almost passed out after getting out of bed for the first time, thank you for not allowing me to fall and hit my head on the bathroom floor.

I?m glad I could impress you by being coherent with a blood pressure of 53/29 ? especially when I replied that I was at Henry County Health Center, 407 South White Street. I honestly have no idea why I decided to include the address.

I would also like to thank whichever cafeteria worker made the mashed potatoes I ate that night. They were the most delicious thing I have eaten in ages.

However, that may be because I hadn?t eaten anything in about 20 hours.

Mostly, though, I?d like to thank the wonderful woman who took care of me while I convalesced after leaving the hospital.

Mom, you?re the best nursemaid/house elf. I know I was a bit grumpy last week and I know that I snapped at you a few times when I was uncomfortable or impatient, but I will always be grateful that you were there to take care of me.