Thankful to RUSS for project

To the editor:

I want to thank the board members of RUSS who voted to continue with the Mooar/Powdertown project. I?m very sorry that the other counties did not feel that this was important or care about bettering the environment, but I really appreciate your efforts.

Hopefully, the supporting board members can find a way to proceed. This area needs your support and backing for this project to continue. I?m very happy that most of the counties are willing to help and care about the residents of our community and the environment, even though Mahaska, Van Buren, Wapello and Washington counties do not.

I am completely baffled that they voted against the project and cannot even understand why since more money coming in would decrease their dues, not to mention help the community and clean up the environment. They set a very bad example for the RUSS Board of Directors, the county supervisors and the community.

Again, thank you to all the counties who voted for this project. Also, a huge thank you to Bruce Hudson for all of his time and hard work. He has done an exceptional job of keeping me in the loop about the project. His hard work and dedication have been greatly appreciated.

Valerie Franklin

Mooar resident