Thank you, Dr. Savage

To the editor:

As our population gets older, so do the medical men and women who have taken care of our needs for so many years. We have had many exceptional doctors retire recently, and though we are happy for their time off we are also going to miss the personal care that they provided.

Dr. Alfred Savage has been my friend and doctor for many years. He is one of those ?docs? that carries his black bag with him at all times. Many times while I was running the True Value Store, he would walk in to buy an item and see that one of my employees or my family did not feel well. He would get his black bag and come in to do an assessment.

As I watched him work, I realized that we were witnessing something special. A man that does house calls without even being called.

Dr. Savage has dedicated himself to this community for many years, acting in charitable ways that no one may ever know about. We just want him to know that he is appreciated and will be greatly missed.

Thank you for your service,

Buzz and Barb Bezoni and family, Mt. Pleasant