Supervisors review county insurance policy renewal

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Henry County supervisors are looking into taking a supplemental builder?s risk policy to protect the county better during construction of the new jail.

In going over the county?s insurance renewal during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday, Dec. 28, supervisor Gary See asked what the county?s responsibility is during the construction of the new jail.

Ray Vens said that a builder?s risk policy, although typically provided by the construction company, really only protects them. ?It protects them, it doesn?t protect you and that?s what we?re looking at,? Vens said in agreement with the supervisor?s decision to look into their own builder?s risk policy.

Overall, the county will spend approximately $1,300 more than last year on insurance, with comparative premiums down by nearly $8,400 because of a reduction in property rates. Vens said the county is insuring more property and more vehicles.

Actual insurance coverage for this year was $163,297, which Lindeen said was up just a little bit. The policy is through Iowa Communities Assurance Pool (ICAP). Vens said that rates have been level and also declined this year.

?That?s a permanent thing,? he said. The county will send an insurance check on Jan. 2.

In other news, the transfer of land for the jail project from the state to the county had not yet been recorded as of Thursday. Supervisor Greg Moeller said that the notarization was not legible on the documents. The county is awaiting a new copy with a legible notarization.

Supervisors also unanimously voted to appoint Mary Elgar to the Henry County Civil Service board. Elgar will be serving four of the six year term after a spot was vacated by the death of one of the board members. She will serve until Dec. 21, 2021.

In speaking with her before the meeting, Moeller said he had a verbal confirmation from her that she would take the nomination.