Supervisors approve routine county agreements, amendments and resolutions Tuesday

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Henry County Supervisors approved routine agreements, amendments and resolutions during a meeting on Tuesday, July 31.

The approvals included extending a privately funded seal coat agreement, a tax abatement resolution and a quick look at the 2019 budget as the fiscal year kicked off at the beginning of July.

First, supervisors approved extending the seal coat agreement for almost a mile of road on Jewel Avenue. Two residents began paying for the seal coat to be applied as a trial project about five years ago and requested the agreement be extended indefinitely.

Henry County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss said the individuals write a check for the work of seal coating while the county is responsible for maintenance and general road care. If the individuals wish to withdraw from the agreement, the county will continue maintaining it at the cost of a gravel road.

?It was always a privately funded project other than what maintenance and patching we did on it,? Hotchkiss said.

Work on Merrimac Road was completed last week. The Road Department will be out a few more times late next week, weather dependent, to apply calcium to the road, which acts as a top coat. Hotchkiss said the road turned out very well and is stabilized.

Supervisors also approved a resolution requested from Henry County Treasurer Ana Lair for a tax abatement for $144 for a mobile home. The taxes on the mobile home are uncollectable because the mobile home is abandoned and beyond repair.

Henry County Auditor Shelly Barber said the county will see several more of these abatements with the abandoned trailer park in Wayland, which was cited as a possible public health hazard by officials in a Board of Health meeting in June.

Finally, supervisors approved a budget amendment for fiscal year 2019. While budget amendments are typically left to deal with in May, Barber said a couple of overlooked items needed to be corrected before the money could be spent.

One of the items was $727,000 in mental health funds that appeared to be the total amount but is actually meant to be the dollar amount paid to the region. Barber assured that changing over the money does not affect any tax dollars.

The other $800 was out of the Secondary Road Fund, which had been left off in the original budget.

?I just needed to amend it, so we could spend it,? Barber said.

Before approving the budget amendment, a public hearing was held, during which no comments were received.

In other news, supervisors officially accepted the resignation of Dr. Kent Metcalf as medical director for Public Health. In an official resignation letter, Metcalf wrote that he has enjoyed his time as medical director, adding that it is time to step down to take on other responsibilities within his practice.

On the heels of Metcalf?s resignation, supervisors appointed Dr. Thomas Bainbridge, a retired HCHC doctor, as the new Public Health medical director.