Supervisors approve FY19 budget

The countywide total for the debt services levy is 95 cents this year, with 73 cents of that going to the Henry County Jail project and the other 22 cents paying off past general obligation bonds.

During the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 27, County Auditor Shelly Barber said that the general basic levy is $4.50, which is increased 25 cents from last year.

The Rural Services Basic Levy is $3.95, which is set at the same as last year, but when taxes rolled around, it was a little less than that because of Mt. Union being redesignated as a residential area rather than a city.

Last year?s budget included 25 cents for mental health, but that wasn?t used when taxes went out. ?The basic difference is an increase in taxes of about 20 cents,? Barber said as supervisors approved the fiscal 2019 county budget.

Barber also increased Henry County Pioneer Cemetery?s levy four cents, saying they have had a balance for a long time, but have now gotten their money spent down. She increased it to four cents so that if they should have problems such as storms damaging headstones, they would have additional funds for repairs.

County Supervisor Gary See pointed out that there would be a decrease in the levy without the Henry County Jail project being included in the budget.

In a public hearing, the board received no public comments regarding the county budget.

The lawsuit regarding former mayor of Mt. Union and the city of Mt. Union will not be included as a levy tax but will be done in a special assessment.

In other news, Supervisors voted to support any financial decisions made by the Henry County Board of Health during their transition to being a county department.

?We just know there are some unexpected costs that will be arising. We?re going to have to amend the budget anyway for it probably,? Lindeen said.

Supervisors also approved the actuarial services agreement with Silver Stone Group for Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 75. The county has been contracted with Silver Stone for several years and this is a renewal of their agreement to continue services and transition them from GASB45 to GASB75, which runs from Feb. 27 to Dec. 31, 2020.

The maximum fees to complete the services is no more than $3,250, with increases not exceeding five percent during the course of three years.

?What we gain out of it I don?t really know, but it?s required by the government and for me to do it I wouldn?t know where to begin,? Barber said, adding that it?s a list of statistics of county employees including their salaries, health benefits and other information.

?They do a good job and get the reports out and give us our copy for the best cost,? Barber said. ?It?s just one of those things we have to do.?

Another resolution Supervisors approved was to relinquish the need for a special use permit from the Mt. Pleasant City in Crossroads Business Park. This parcel of land was where the jail was originally thought to be built, but after the county acquired a separate parcel they no longer have use for this permit.