Supervisors approve agreement guaranteeing Henry County bed at Montrose as needed

Henry County is guaranteed a bed at Montrose Iowa Juvenile Detention Center as needed, in addition to other benefits, after Henry County supervisors approved an amendment to the South Iowa Area Detention Services Agency Agreement.

Supervisor Gary See presented the agreement to the board, saying that in conversations with employees at Montrose, everyone there thinks it is a very well-run facility. Henry County auditor Shelly Barber said that being a member of the South Iowa Area Detention Service Agency is ?quite beneficial.?

Supervisors said this saves the county a lot of money, but couldn?t say how much or what fees are to be a part of this agreement.

In other news, during the monthly department head meeting, Sheriff Rich McNamee said that state-mandated gun permits that went uniform in July 2017 are finally up and running as of last week. All plastic or paper card permits processed from July 1, 2017 to the last week of December can be brought in and exchanged for a state-mandated card.

Instead of being given the permit from the sheriff?s office, anyone applying for a gun permit will fill out an application, go through the standard background check and the permit will be sent off to a private vendor to complete. It will be mailed to addresses similarly to receiving a driver?s license, McNamee said.

McNamee also updated supervisors on progress of interviewing and testing candidates for the one deputy and one jailer opening. The sheriff?s office held physical agility and testing for deputy candidates on Friday, Jan. 5. They have also interviewed seven candidates as new reserve deputies pending approval this month.