Sunrise Terrace takes a road trip

On Tuesday, May 22, the Sunrise Terrace bus loaded several residents for a trip. They rolled into Mt. Pleasant and circled the main part of the Iowa Wesleyan campus to admire both the buildings and trees.

Following the campus loop, they went toward Crane?s Pond, where two large rocks were visible and the fountain was spraying.

After crossing the tracks, they passed by the historic Second Baptist Church building, then made a loop around the Van Allen house, the playground and the Henry County Heritage museum building.

Next they turned west to check out Saunders Park. On the way down the hill, they admired the aquatic center. The road through the park was mostly quiet, with a couple of people visiting near the shelter, and a mother with her child on the swings.

Some said they used to have some scouting events in the park with their children, while others thought the park roads were different than 30 years ago.

On arrival at Oakland Mills, they rolled through the Waterworks Campground where they admired the observation tower and observed that the river looked very brown. Next they drove to the Country Club on the river to see the 1973 high water mark on the porch post.

When they came back to town, they crossed the river and rolled by the dam where people were resting and fishing.

After that, they made a run for the hill and slipped into the woods to see the cabins. Many thought the area looked like it might be good for finding mushrooms.

After looping the upper park and inspecting the cabins under construction, they rolled quietly through the cemetery.

When it was time to head north, they drove across both the old highway 34 routes, over the railroad, then under the bypass. When they passed Richwoods, the little white church on the hill, they remembered the song about the little brown church in the vale.

Then it was time to get a run for Brewster Hill, and before they knew it they were in Trenton. In town they saw two church buildings and learned that Trenton once had a covered wagon factory.