Sunrise Terrace earns US News five star top-performing rating

Sunrise Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has earned U. S. News and World Report?s five star rating as a top performer in nursing homes across the county.

After evaluating 15,000 nursing homes across the U.S., Sunrise Terrace is one of 68 care centers in Iowa that made the list.

U.S. News evaluated nursing home performance over time, averaging monthly data over a year, with much emphasis placed on strong performance in medical quality measures. To receive a high U.S. News rating, homes had to provide significantly more than the required minimum of rehabilitation therapy. All the rated homes accept residents covered by Medicaid, Medicare or both.

The facilities that received the designation of a best U.S. News nursing home for 2107-2018 represent about 15 percent of all nursing care centers.

Both U.S. News and CMS caution that star ratings are not the final answer, but the beginning point in intelligent research. Nothing else takes the place of a personal visit. After identifying the top rated nursing homes, the next step is always to go visit. When you visit the community, you can see care in process. This is the time to ask questions, observe residents and to watch the caregivers to see if they enjoy their work.

When you need to consider long-term care, respite care (including hospice), or short term rehabilitation, the people who are employed on the care team will make a world of difference in the quality of life and results, whether the care is for you or a loved one.

Peggy Beaty, Sunrise Terrace Administrator, was pleased with the news.

?This is not the first time U.S. News has recognized the outstanding work our care team does every day to care for the people who trust us,? she said. ?We have never accepted minimum standards as our goal, but always have striven for excellence in what we do. The results in our long-term care and in our new Get Well, Go Home rehabilitation space are top-rated because we provide superior care.?

?The nursing home inspectors often comment that they can sense the moment they arrive in our door that we do things differently and with great care. In fact, we just had our annual inspection survey in October and the inspectors reported no deficiencies in our care. Since their job is to find things that are wrong, we consider that an honor and an affirmation that our team provides both appropriate and superior care. The fact that we have done this even in the midst of the statewide shortage of nursing employees is a testimony to the commitment of our people.?

It is a simple, but often overlooked truth that parents and teachers have long said, that if you do your homework right, then you will pass the test with an A. We do our homework every day, because every day matters for the people we serve while they live with us.?