Sunrise Terrace Craft and Bake Sale raised money for activities department

The crafters were out in force on Saturday. Nov. 11, at Sunrise Terrace, and although the bakers had been working hard to make a surplus of goods, some still sold out while raising money for Sunrise Terrace?s activities department.

?I should have come earlier,? said one man when he found out the famously delicious cinnamon rolls he had planned to buy were sold out.

Most of the 20 vendors were familiar with the event and its dual purpose to bring clever and useful gifts for sale and raise funds for the activities department at Sunrise Terrace. Many of the baked goods were baked by both residents and volunteers at Sunrise Terrace in its activity kitchen on Nov. 9 and 10 before the event.

?Many of our residents were excellent cooks and bakers when they raised their families,? Sunrise Terrace activities director Rhonda Connop said. ?While they may not have the strength to mix and bake by themselves today, it is very rewarding for any who wish to help to have a part in the preparation. They know and remember so much, and they are willing to share memories with our volunteers. We are also very grateful to the volunteers for their assistance in our baking marathon this week.?

People familiar with the event were glad to have it return to the Sunrise Terrace building, especially in the new rehab therapy gym and patient living and dining areas. There are no steps or confusing directions to find the rooms, and the open spaces were both welcoming and filled with crafters and shoppers.

There were plenty of hugs and laughter as friends met and caught up while they strolled, and they admired the varied wares on display. Products ranged from Tupperware to fabric to paper to candles to local honey to the baked goods. Craft items ranged from the useful to pure fun decorations. Some shoppers took time to look in on past neighbors who are residents, just to say hello.

Administrator Peggy Beaty was on hand to welcome visitors. ?We are glad to serve as host location by sharing our fabulous rehab and therapy areas,? she said. ?And the people here always find such a lift when friends stop, even just for a moment. It really brightens their day.?