Sons of Freedom

To the editor of the Mt. Pleasant News:

As a lifetime, 64-year member of the American Legion, an organization at 3 million members plus in support of veterans, our military armed forces and the Rights of Freedom, when I received my February 2018 American Legion Magazine and as I read the article ?Sons of Freedom,? I could not resist the temptation to share my words of commendation with you for the self-proclaimed Genius president of our United States.

I suggest that the ?Sons of Freedom? African-American soldiers of World War I as recognized by the American Legion represents the character of highest esteem for those mentioned who fought for our country and further their roots probably extend to and well beyound the countries that the Genius so ill-willed and profoundly spoke of his choice of immigrant countries on national television.

I served in the U.S. Army in 1950 to 1953 when desegregation of the armed forces was in its prime. I served with African-American, Hispanic and other race?s of soldiers, and I was proud to serve with them.

The definition of the ill-willed word used by a Genius, I assure you, is very much different in the mind of soldiers.

For God and country, I applaud the American Legion and The Sons of Freedom who so diligently, faithfully and with pride served our great nation.

I suggest that if you are not a member of The American Legion that you borrow a magazine from a legion member and read the commendable story of the history of ?The Sons of Freedom.?

Respectfully and still serving,

Stanley E. Hill, MAJ, USA, RET

Mt. Pleasant