Sometimes it happens

It happens. An accident, a string of bad luck, the universe reminding you of your place in the world; whatever you want to call it, it happens. At least, that?s what I keep reminding myself.

I heard it before my mind even registered what I had done.

It was Sunday. It was suppose to be my lazy day at home. I had a list of household chores I needed to get done and some at-home projects I wanted to complete before the busyness of the workweek took me away from them.

I woke up early on Sunday and managed to get my morning workout in without hitting the snooze button on my alarm or whining to myself about how terribly cold it was outside of my cocoon of blankets. It?s funny how waking up early doesn?t seem to be an issue when you don?t have to.

After my workout, I took a quick shower and postponed making my big breakfast until I returned back from town. I wasn?t quite hungry yet and figured if I knocked off returning some movies and grabbing groceries from my to-do list before it was even an adequate brunch time, I?d feel like my day was both longer and more productive. However, ?it? happened and my entire day was thrown out of whack.

I was leaving town when I noticed one of my tires was low, so I stopped to fill it. I had to fill it before Christmas so this confirmed my theory that I had a small leak in my tire. Just another thing to add to my growing list of things to do, I guessed.

I was putting the cap back on the stem of my tire when my hulk-like strength came out at the most inopportune moment and I broke the stem in two.

It was like the world around me went silent, except for the hissing of the air quickly escaping my tire. I stood frozen for a moment, bewildered as to what I had just done, stuck crouching over my mistake with one hand on the quickly emptying tire and the other stretched out almost triumphantly looking like I had just caught the golden snitch in a game of quidditch.

When it finally dawned on me what I had done, I did what any rational six-year-old would do, I jammed the stem back together in an effort to make is seem like nothing bad had happened.

After failing to secure anyone to replace the stem on my tire, I decided to bust out my box of skills and change my tire. As I laid on the cold concrete parking lot and attempted to slide the jack under my car from every angle possible, I kept asking myself why I had broken the stem? Why wasn?t I more careful? Why hadn?t I waited until Monday to air up my tire?

The list of ifs and whys can go on forever and, in my experience, are not helpful and only lead to immense discouragement and frustration.

As I sat in my car waiting for the tow truck ? yes, I broke down and called roadside assistance ? I kept reminding myself it was an accident, and as much as we try to avoid them, they do happen. I hadn?t set out to break the stem on purpose. My stiff, cold fingers were as careful as possible and I was being smart by airing up my tire instead of driving on a low one. And as I reminded my parents, that?s what insurance is for. We pay a monthly premium in the event an ?uh-oh? occurs.

I?m not one to make resolutions, but as we?re not even a month into this new year, I?ll give it a go. This year, I will try not to be so hard on myself. I will remember that accidents do happen and that a mistake is not the end of the world.

I hope you all will remember this as well, and in 2016, we will not only be kinder to one another, but to ourselves as well.