Semi trailer clips vehicle in parking lot

Henry County deputies were summoned to the Saints? Stop in Olds Oct. 19 to investigate an accident in the convenience store?s parking lot.

According to the accident report, Russell J. Borchert, 56, Waycross, Ga., had parked his 2006 Chevrolet in a fuel lane and entered the building.

Andrew R. Custer, 36, Washington, was driving a 2002 International truck and pulling a trailer, both owned by Sinclair Tractor. Due to the travel lane being blocked by another semi, Custer attempted to turn into another lane in the parking lot.

The trailer Custer was pulling struck the right corner of the front bumper on the Borchert vehicle. No injuries were reported and damage to the Borchert truck was estimated at $1,400. There was no damage to the Sinclair truck and trailer.