Scribblers writing group holds last meeting of 2017, share memories

Scribblers writing group met on Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, at the Jumbo Buffet restaurant to enjoy a meal together this holiday season. There were eight members present, and everyone enjoyed the choices off the buffet. After a dinner with conversation, a short business meeting was held.

At the business meeting, the secretary?s minutes were read and approved for the Nov. 13 meeting. The treasurer?s report was also recorded. The one item of business was to see if any member wanted to relieve Rita Davis of her recording secretary?s duties. Rita has been recording through November of 2017, past her elected time. In the absence of any volunteers, President Karen Osborne will perform the recording secretary?s position.

After the business meeting, members enjoyed listening to shared writing. Waunita Hobbie began by reading her ?Christmas Letter 1965.? It was a year of change for Hobbie in which she became a first-time landlady and bought a 1965 Chevy Impala, to name a few. As always, Hobbie told the group one of her truths: ?You may go through many changes at once and it may be quite overwhelming, but things even out in the end.?

Kathy Wiley brought that theme of changes right into the past year of 2017, a year in which she experienced a move to a new home on a brand-new street (her house was the first on the street), and in which she and her husband, Don, celebrated 50 years of marriage. She shared a cinquain poem, ?Holy,? about the peace pipes she has in the rooms of her home. She also shared a haiku about the gift her children gave Don and her on their 50th anniversary.

Rita Davis also celebrated 50 years of marriage in 2017 with her husband, Don. They celebrated at Tama at the Meskwakie Settlement and had most of their family with them for this weekend event. From her Christmas letter, it is clear Davis was very busy this past year and has a great deal planned for the new year.

Ann Porter shared a writing about the excitement she is feeling for an upcoming family reunion during the holidays. Her family has not been all together for a few years, so this will be a special Christmas. Porter has made handmade gifts for them all. Hopefully, the next time the Scribblers have shared writing, Porter can read her recollections of a good time with her family.

Karen Osborne read a piece about a former sixth grade student who passed away this past October. She recounted visiting with this young person over the years until the present time. He made an overwhelming impression on Karen in his care for others despite his own constant health concerns.

The next meeting of Scribblers will be on Monday, Feb. 12, 2018. Anyone who is a writer or interested in writing who would like to attend please call Karen Osborne at 319-367-5586 for details.