Salem gears up for spring cleaning

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


SALEM ? The city of Salem is preparing for spring with Wemiga Waste scheduling spring cleaning for Saturday, April 7. Items should be on the curb by 7 a.m. to be cleared.

During Salem?s City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 6, the council discussed what items are acceptable to dispose of during spring cleaning. That includes unwanted household items; windows and doors in moderation; carpet rolled and tied in six foot lengths; appliances such as washers, dryers, water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioning units, microwaves and stoves; scrap metal; used oil, limited to five gallons; and dried latex-based paints.

Stickers for TVs will be available for purchase at city hall. Unacceptable curbside items include oil-based paints, chemicals, computer monitors, concrete, brick or ashes.

During the meeting, City Clerk Haylee Stecker presented the council with a possible lighting project for the Community Center and Maintenance Building. Alliant Energy would pay up to 75 percent of the total cost. The council agreed that the Small Business Energy Solutions project would be good to look into and will get a free evaluation.

The council also discussed the city?s ordinance pertaining to abandoned lines and responsibilities when it comes to water leaks and excavation bills. The council decided to turn over the city?s insurance with a copy of the ordinance to help determine who is responsible.

In other news, Dillon Haynes? attorney presented the council with reasons they believe the city?s Nuisance Notice is defective, as well as ways Haynes is willing to remedy the issues with the assurance that there will no longer be any notices or citations for zoning issues in the future.

The council disagreed and said they could not promise there will be no issues in the future. Council member Chuck Kramer motioned to uphold the Nuisance Notice as written, which was agreed upon by the council.

Haynes and the council have been in discussions for nearly three years over the number of vehicles in disrepair on his property on East Van Buren St. During the council meeting on Jan. 4, the council instructed City Attorney Pat Brau to draft a report on the situation.

The council also once again discussed the Fire Department?s funding for new helmets. Council member Mary Hoyer motioned to provide funding from the city?s local option fund for capital improvements of personal protective equipment in the amount of $4,800.

The council is also waiting for an update on an abandoned lot at 206 N. Main. They are waiting for any next of kin to come forward as well as an emergency order authorized by the court to obtain the title and demolish the structure. Brau said an expedited hearing would be requested if no next of kin were found.

Brau has been in touch with a private party interested in purchasing and cleaning up another abandoned property at 405 E. Jackson St. and 209 N. Maple St.

Salem?s next regular city council meeting is Tuesday, April 3.