Salem city council members working out of session to solve nuisance properties

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


SALEM ? The Salem City Council is making headway with nuisance properties.

City council members Mary Hoyer and Chris Feehan have been busy at work this past month to resolve issues regarding nuisance properties to keep them off the city council agenda for Tuesday, June 3.

?We have resolved several properties that have been on this list for over a year,? Feehan said while asking for a letter to be sent out to property owners of one nuisance property that she and Hoyer feel will not be resolved unless they appear before the council.

Hoyer said that the property in question ? 309 S. Monroe in Salem ? has had several nuisance complaints over the years. There are six unlicensed vehicles on the property and material spilling into the city?s right of way, Hoyer said.

City Attorney Pat Brau said that the owners of the property were also in violation of the nuisance ordinance when living in Mt. Pleasant before moving to Salem. ?That?s why they moved to Salem? he said offhandedly.

The property owners will receive a notice to appear before the council at the next Salem City Council meeting.

The property is listed as being owned by Gary and Jane Roth.

Another long-term nuisance property the city council has been dealing with also now has a plan in place to be resolved. Dillon Haynes at 205 W. Van Buren in Salem got approval from the council to build an eight-foot-high wooden fence along three sides of the property and for a carport off the garage. He has three months to complete both projects.

The council hopes a privacy fence will hide the nuisance. ?Out of sight, out of mind,? council member Chuck Kramer said.

The next Salem City Council meeting is Tuesday, August 7.