Refusing to confess

Psalms 32:3-4: When I refused to confess my sin, I was weak and miserable and I groaned all day long.

Carrying around sin in your soul is a miserable way to live. If you care at all about the condition of your soul and your relationship with God, you will be troubled by sin. You will not be at peace with God or yourself. You will have a sense of guilt over your sin. You will wonder if anyone else knows what you have done, said or thought, and what they may think about it. You will be bothered by the repercussions of your sin. It will concern you the harm that has been done. You will be miserable and helpless to fix it on your own.

Refusing to confess sin is rebellion against God. It is telling God that He no longer matters to you. It is denying the importance of the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross for our sins. It is in essence telling God you would rather live on your own. It is a refusal to live in the holiness of God. It is in essence saying that you no longer need forgiveness or want it.

If you have any desire at all for God in your life, you will never have peace with him when you harbor sin in your soul. We need to regularly come before our Father and deal with our sin. We need to be honest with ourselves, admit our sin, confess it, accept his forgiveness, thank the Lord for it and then live in his forgiveness. We need to strive to always live in holiness of life. God will not let you get away with sin. He will not have fellowship with you when you live in or harbor sin in your soul. There can be no victory in Jesus when sin is not confessed and gotten rid of.

Are you spiritually weak and miserable? Have you agonized over the guilt and shame that comes with the sin you have done? Does peace elude you?

It doesn?t have to be this way. Humble yourself before Jesus and confess your sin to him and he will forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. He will wash away your sin and they will forever be cast into the sea of his forgetfulness. He will make your soul whiter than a fresh fallen snow. Right now, Jesus can set your soul free. Won?t you let Him?