Ready of not, 2012 is here


Mt. Pleasant News

The first column of a new year, where to begin?

I had hoped to hit the ground running, however I began 2012 under the weather. Hopefully it is my one bug of the year and the rest of 2012 is experienced sans fever, stuffy nose and all of the other unpleasant things illness brings.

Anyways, the New Year is here and with it comes many promises of change: friends resolving to go on fad diets that restrict all sugars, or neighbors vowing to exercise as the sun rises each morning despite their self admitted inability to function at 8 a.m.

Perhaps some family members habitually late have made resolutions to be on time for every appointment in 2012 or they have promised to read a book each week, when they typically read half of a novel before losing it among the TV Guides.

I am not one of those people.

I will not be cutting out all of the carbohydrates in my diet. Nor will I be running 10 miles each morning as the rooster crows.

I will still have the occasional ice cream and relish the aroma of my morning coffee.

Yes, a new year is a great time for a fresh start. However, I find that it is more beneficial to make gradual steps when I feel motivated to do so, no matter what date the calendar reads.

I?m not a fan of the radical changes many people make simply because confetti falls about, noisemakers explode, and the ball in Times Square drops as the clock strikes midnight on New Year?s Eve.

But that?s not to say that I don?t aim to improve in 2012.

I would like to shed a few pounds, go fishing more often, spend more time with family and take Thor and Loki on more strolls. The two quickly growing Vizslas could definitely use the chance to release more of their puppy energy each day.

It would also be nice to find more time to cuddle up with a book on the sofa and to go on more photo excursions around Henry County.

Maybe I?ll even tote the camera along on cycling outings this spring. However, if this weather continues bikes will not have to hibernate in garages until April or May. I could easily dust off the Trek and take it out this weekend if the warm temperatures decide to hang around.

I suspect 2012 will bring with it unforeseen hurdles and some unpleasant surprises; each year always seems to do so. Hopefully the hurdles don?t cause me to face-plant, but rather give me a chance to leap and land on my feet with a sense of accomplishment.

Perhaps I should aim to take 2012 one day at a time ? a difficult task for a person who is comforted by a planned schedule and often looks forward to events that are weeks, sometimes even months, in advance.

This year I think I will aim to take the advice of my fiancÚ, Will and resolve every day to make today a little bit better than yesterday.