Quilts of valor presented to six Sunrise Terrace veterans Monday

Sunrise Terrace residents, families and staff gathered to identify U.S. military veterans who make their homes at Sunrise Terrace, and to thank and honor them for their work to protect freedom. On Monday, April 16, the Iowa Patriotic Stitchers sent six quilters, each of whom produced a colorful Quilt of Valor to present to the resident veterans.

The honorees:

John Carty served in Europe during the D-Day Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. His work also included German translation and chauffeur service to General Patton.

Leroy Hammen was a part of the later stabilizing force in Korea, where he worked as a carpenter with a crew of five that built Quonset huts.

Marvin Lambert trained in Texas, California and Hawaii in preparation for service in the South Pacific as part of an offensive on the island nation of Saipan.

Daryl Lathrop, U.S. Air Force, served in Texas following basic training,  but because pf  curtailment of activities, he worked as an employee of the U.S. Navy in California for 33 years. During that time he built, repaired and maintained ships and submarines, including some that would later be nuclear powered.

Myers Rossiter, U. S. Air Force, was assigned to supervise a group of weather balloon deployment and tracking specialists, based in Biloxi, Miss.

Richard Woline was assigned to a depot in Italy during World War II, where he worked to direct supplies to forward staff wherever they were located.

A Quilt of Valor is not a gift of charity, but one of honor and respect. Each is handmade and given, with thanks, to people who have served the cause of freedom as a member of the US military.

Each quilt is unique, a creation of the person who assembled and stitched the quilt. The seamstresses who produced and presented the quilts were Glenda Campbell, Bev Hamm, Jane Messer, Karen Peterson, Dorothy Wehage and Bev Wibben, all from Mt. Pleasant. Sunrise Terrace was pleased to welcome and support their presentation of honor.