Publisher?s note on letters policy

The Mt Pleasant News has a policy, among others, that limits the length of ?Letters to the Editor? to no more than 500 words. The July 25 letter signed by Lois Roth exceeded that limit. This was an error by us at the Mt Pleasant News. When Mrs. Roth?s letter was received we noted that it exceeded the word limit. We contacted her and asked if she could shorten the letter and resubmit it, which she did. When the pages for the July 25 edition were being put together, the original letter was inadvertently published. It should not have happened, and it certainly was not the fault of the letter writer, it was ours and ours alone.

We rightfully received, and continue to receive, criticism for our error. In an effort to maintain an equal opportunity forum for people on both sides of the school administration topic we are printing a ?Letter to the Editor? today from Tonya Stutzman. This letter discusses an alternate opinion to that of Roth?s. Stutzman?s letter also exceeds 500 words and is being published in its entirety in the spirit of fairness to differing views.

On a normal basis we would follow the two-wrongs -don?t-make-a-right theory. Due to the nature of this particular topic we have elected to deviate, but it should be noted that this is the exception and certainly not the rule.

We appreciate ?Letters to the Editor? from all sides of a topic. We hope to continue to provide an open forum for all of our readers to express their opinion. Going forward we will be more diligent in adhering to the guidelines that we ourselves have established. I encourage you to continue sending your letters, but please keep them under the 500-word limit.

Matt Bryant

Interim Publisher

Mt Pleasant News