Pride and honor

To the editor:

We live in a community ?blessed with pride? that reflects in various ways and on many things that enhance our way of life.

Challenges are forever evident in a community.

Some (challenges are) more complex than others and dealing with them becomes extensive and time consuming. Challenges require hard work and tough decisions to be made.

Just a few examples of execution of pride and honor that achieved success in our community are:

The Mt. Pleasant Family Aquatic Center. Cost was $1.5 million dollars plus in 1993. Old pool was 50 years old, mechanical system was worn out with a body of non-repairable leaks. The community supported, voted and passed provisions for a one-cent local option tax that allowed the city of Mt. Pleasant to build and pay for the new aquatic center.

Mt. Pleasant wastewater treatment center. Cost was $14 million plus, built from 1994-2000. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources notified the City of Mt. Pleasant of the mandatory requirement to update the WWTP system.

Opposition encountered caused delay and significantly increased costs. But a new WWTP was built. Now 9,000 people plus can comfortably take care of their daily bathroom needs, etc.

Downtown Mt. Pleasant park (2009). It is great and presents a warm welcome to downtown Mt. Pleasant. Thanks to the city, Mayor Freeland and Mary Ann.

Mt. Pleasant Central Park renovation. Costs unknown to me ? but worth every dollar spent. This project initially created opposition and many premature comments and questions.

What did we get? A new water system, a new electrical system and lights, new sidewalks, flower beds, new benches, wrought iron fence around the electrical distribution boxes and more. Thank you, Mt. Pleasant City officials and Mt. Pleasant Utilities.

Mt. Pleasant Community High School. The community is blessed to have a new high school. Community support and pride allowed it to happen. Thanks to all who were involved with this great accomplishment.

The Mt. Pleasant Community Middle School renovation; my same sentiments apply as to the high school.

Community pride and honor for various reasons could not and did not prevail in favor of the recent proposed MPCSD Elementary schools improvement plans.

My vision was that in my lifetime I would be able to see our elementary schools? needs addressed. I accept it was not to be now.

My vision was and still is the safety of students ? no buses parked in the streets; security ? kids and teachers are deserving of this; adequate classroom space, yes, air conditioning; adequate space and equipment to provide for the teaching of current technology; exterior facelift and more.

?Being defeated is often a temporary thing, giving up is what makes it permanent.?

I am confident that one day my vision will prevail.

Respectfully me,

Stanley E. Hill

Mt. Pleaasant