Pondering the start of spring


Mt. Pleasant News

They say that April showers bring May flowers. But who is May, and why does she get flowers? My college roommate said that as a joke once, and I always think of it when the spring rainstorms start.

I am not a big fan of rain myself. The humidity wreaks havoc on my curly hair, and I?m such a light sleeper that the drip-drip-drop of little April showers can keep me up all night. I also hate thunder. So, needless to say, this week?s nighttime rainstorms left me a bit exhausted in the morning.

Making it even worse are all of the birds that have now returned to the area. I am not a Disney princess. I do not enjoy being serenaded by avian visitors at my bedroom window ? especially at 5 a.m.

Yet, while I may gripe about the start of spring and the loss of my beloved winter, there are a few things I enjoy about the season.

For one, I love the smell after it rains. I may not be a fan of the rain itself, but I love the fresh, earthy smell it stirs up. That smell brings back memories of splashing in puddles and digging in the garden.

The rain also brings the worms up out of the ground. When I was about six or seven, I used to love playing with earthworms. I would scoop one up and tip it back and forth from hand to hand singing, ?Rock-a-by-Baby.? If my sister was nearby, I would chase her around the backyard with it. Those were the good ol? days when she used to be scared of stuff like that. It wouldn?t work anymore.

Another reason to like the season is spring cleaning. I often suffer from what my dad refers to as ?first flat surface syndrome.? When I walk into the house, I throw whatever I?m carrying onto the first flat surface, where it stays until I need it again. Yet, while clearing off the flat surfaces is a task I will put off for as long as possible, once I start I actually enjoy cleaning.

The thing about spring cleaning, though, is it?s so much more than the typical wipe down I give my apartment on occasion. It?s a chance to dig deep and clear out clutter. To go into your closets, drawers and cupboards and get rid of anything that doesn?t fit, that you don?t use or that you forgot you even had.

Spring cleaning provides you with a chance to freshen up and start anew. I guess that?s why you do it in the spring.

In fact, the rain we?ve been having this week is nature?s way of getting some spring cleaning done. The rain has been rinsing away all the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the winter ? especially all the sand that has been thrown up onto our cars from driving down the streets of Mt. Pleasant.

So, I guess I can?t really fault the rain. I know the farmers need it, after all. But if it could rain during the day and then stop at night, my sleep schedule would be greatly obliged.