Police looking for pickup involved in hit-and-run

The Mt. Pleasant Police Department is searching for a red Chevrolet Colorado pickup following a hit-and-run accident Oct. 25 on White Street.

Local police responded to the 200 block of North White Street for a reported hit-and-run. An investigation found that a 2011 Volvo, owned by Eric Novak of Mt. Pleasant was struck while parked along the side of the street. The offending vehicle also struck a 2011 Ford, owned by Catherine Parker, causing damage to the rear driver-side area of the vehicle. Total damage to the two vehicles was estimated at $6,000.

The offending vehicle is believed to be a red Chevrolet Colorado and would be missing the grill and headlight on the driver?s side.

Anyone with information about this accident is asked to notify the Mt. Pleasant Police Department at 318-385-1450.