Plenty of luck is found on this Friday the 13th


Mt. Pleasant News

Lucky we don?t believe in superstitions. Right?

On the other hand, not many of us embrace Friday the 13th like Scott Fraise and his brave and bold Friday the 13th Sale at Hy-Vee Drugstore. Of course, this is a man known to have ridden a motorized cooler in a parade, so bravery is definitely in his vocabulary.

For myself, I?d like to say that usually I?ve avoided stepping on cracks in the sidewalk because, hey, there?s no sense in taking chances with a certain ?break their back? superstition. But whaddaya do about bricks?

And City Administrator Brent Schleisman revealed recently that the city was just as surprised as many of us to see how much of the former brick paving remained underneath the now-scored and gored Washington Street. Of course, don?t get any of us started on the potholes, some of which seemed large enough to swallow a lucky leprechaun.

So we?ve all been stepping on cracks in those long-buried bricks. It hasn?t made us any unluckier, right? Given the evidence ? Mt. Pleasant as a city is doing better than most ? you?d have to agree.

My niece is about to bring my grand nephew (or great nephew ? either way, how can he not be awesome as ?grand? or ?great?) into the world. Today. Friday the 13th. The docs are doing that ?induce thing,? so it?s almost a foregone conclusion.

So I?m looking for all the assurance I can get that this Friday the 13th thing is not unlucky. In fact, it will be kinda cool for great/grand nephew to tell his children some day about how lucky he was to be born that day.

As someone born late on a Thursday the 12th, I?m a little jealous. And then some who know me might add, ?And look how you turned out! Not exactly luckier than most!?

Really, I?m as lucky as all of the rest of you. I?ve learned through the years that not only do you make your own luck ? it?s also all about how you perceive things. For example:

It?s too bad, maybe unlucky, that Mt. Pleasant wasn?t chosen as a Blue Zones community, that much-touted health initiative that it turns out was skewed more toward larger population centers ? at least for the initial phase. I think we were lucky to go through the learning experience of applying for this initiative, because I believe through Healthy Henry County Communities, Henry County Health Center and other local organizations, our community does or will be practicing what Blue Zones preaches already.

It?s also too bad, maybe unlucky, that we?re dodging construction on Mt. Pleasant?s main thoroughfares now and likely for a few years in the future. Yet you?ve got to agree it?s a lucky thing the city had the knowledge and foresight to plan and execute these projects now, because for the future, it?s getting harder and harder to scrape together funding for infrastructure improvements.

And I know it?s too bad that Blue Bird doesn?t build buses here, or that Motorola/Celestica decided to take its manufacturing south of the border. Yet Mt. Pleasant is so fortunate to have sustained other manufacturers and employers, creating an environment where a company like Alaniz/Metrogroup can evolve and flourish instead of going away.

And that?s the kind of good luck that is self-manufactured. I know my great/grand nephew will be able to make plenty of that kind of luck, too.