Phelps says farewell


Mt. Pleasant News

I have put this off as long as I can.

This is my last column to appear in the Mt. Pleasant News for the foreseeable future. As of the end of the day today (or yesterday, for those of you who get the paper the day after it is published), I will no longer be a Golden Triangle employee.

I am really going to miss this place.

Since getting engaged to Scott last November, I have been looking for a job closer to where I/we will be living after the wedding in April.

I start my new job in a new county on Tuesday.

This move (by the way, I moved) and new job help set the stage for the life that Scott and I will be building together. I am looking forward to joining my best friend and his daughter in wherever life takes our little family of three.

Mt. Pleasant has embraced me and made me feel at home, and it will be very hard to leave. I?ve enjoyed getting to know and working with many members of this community.

This column is really difficult to write.

When I started at the paper in the advertising department, I figured eventually I would look for another job and move on. I had no experience in advertising and my college degree was in mass communication. I didn?t really think advertising was the future I wanted, but it was a job and student loans don?t wait.

Then I met Scott.

He encouraged me to try for the opening that was created in the news department when Sally Y. Hayes left. I don?t know if I would have believed in myself enough to go for it had Scott not been in my corner.

So I became a reporter for The News and really just wanted to stay here forever. Being a reporter has been a really good fit for me. I have enjoyed covering every entity I was assigned to (though I know more about school board, city councils and sewers than I ever imagined I would learn).

I consider myself blessed to call some of the law enforcement officers and funeral home directors I have worked with over the past few years my friends now.

While my mother would say I have always been a hopeless romantic, and I suppose she would be correct, I really didn?t expect my priorities to shift as much as they have.

I went from thinking of myself as fiercely independent and a career woman to suddenly wanting to settle down and be more available for raising a family.

Love will do that to a person, I suppose.

Thank you ? all of you ? for making me feel accepted in this community. From the neighbor who checked in on me when I was living in my first ever apartment to the librarians who let me pester them when I get the history for the front page to each an every subscriber (especially the counter pick-up people who keep us on our toes), thank you. I appreciate you.

Even though I am moving away, I will never forget this town.