Pep Stop to donate one-cent per gallon from branded pumps to IW, MPCHS

The gas pumps at Pep Stop not only have a new look, but are also pumping gas for a good cause.

In efforts to support the continued success of our local schools, Pep Stop has dedicated two of its pumps to Mt. Pleasant Community High School and Iowa Wesleyan University, according to a news release.

?If our community is going to grow and prosper, we have to celebrate our young people in the community, not just with our time, but also with our investments. These students are the next generation of entrepreneurs, educators and leaders that ensure we remain a viable place to live and work,? said Jeff Fedler, Owner of Pep Stop in Mt. Pleasant. ?We have great leadership at our university and school district and it gives us comfort that the donations will be guided appropriately. We are honored to support both of these schools and to give back through the grace of our customers to them.?

Scot Lamm, Activities Director at Mt. Pleasant Community High School came up with the idea and approached Fedler about wrapping the pumps.

?Not only does it show school pride in the community, it benefits incredible programs at both schools ? music and athletics,? said Lamm. ?We truly appreciate Pep Stop and Jeff Fedler for investing in our students.?

Pep Stop will give 1 cent per gallon to the school whose pump is chosen for gas. ?We do hope the community will take advantage of the opportunity to invest in our schools when they fill up at the pump,? said Meg Richtman, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Iowa Wesleyan University. ?We are sincerely appreciative of Pep Stop?s support as it is a great example of an exceptional community partnership.?

Pep Stop is located at 901 E. Washington Street in Mt. Pleasant.