Paving of Mapleleaf Athletic Complex parking lot happening in May

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


After sitting through meetings for three years talking about getting the Mapleleaf Athletic Complex parking lot paved, hard work will finally come to fruition this summer.

Bids were accepted by the city yesterday, with the city awarding the contract to Fye Excavating from Sperry for the project, coming in with the lowest bid of $818,964.

?We?re under the $1 million mark, which is what the project was estimated to be,? Mayor Steve Brimhall said during the Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting on Wednesday, March 28. ?It?s nice to see we?ve finally accepted a bid on this project.?

The city?s contract with Fye Excavating is contingent upon approval from the state of Iowa. Council members were optimistic to get approval this week.

Brimhall mentioned that he has already spoken with some parents of softball athletes that they will have to walk a little further this summer because direct parking will not be available as the parking lot is paved. To that, City Administrator Brent Schleisman said, ?A little pain for a lot of gain.?

The parking lot project has more to do with water quality rather than just the desire to hard surface the parking lot, city counselor Kent White said. Work will get underway May 15, weather dependent. The city hopes to have the project completely wrapped up by Aug. 3, so the school district can conduct their fall activities without any problems.

To complete the Mapleleaf Athletic Complex parking lot construction project, the city was also able to acquire a Groundwater Improvement Grant for $500,000. The city and school district are each contributing $250,000 toward the local share.

The city also accepted bids last week for the demolition of three houses that need to be torn down by May 1. The houses are on property recently purchased by the city for the eventual construction of a well and ?some kind of park that will happen in the future,? Brimhall said.

The city awarded the contract to Kinney and Sons for $9,998. The houses are at 402 E. Cedar Lane, 404 E. Cedar Lane, and 406 E. Cedar Lane.

In other news, spring cleaning will be April 23 to 29 this year. This is one of Mt. Pleasant resident?s favorite things the city does, Brimhall said.

Spring cleaning is a time for residents to dispose of large and unused items that cannot be accepted by regular waste collection throughout the rest of the year. Items cannot be on the curb before April 23. During cleanup week, materials should be out to the curb by 7 a.m. and piled up as orderly as possible.

Police Chief Ron Archer cautioned residents not to leave items near the curb or in their front yard during spring cleanup that they don?t want scavengers to take. Brimhall added not to leave a good mower near the street.

?Anything that?s out front, people think it?s their?s to take (during spring cleanup),? Brimhall said.

Acceptable items are furniture, carpet and other large items. A minimum of six garbage stickers must be used on the entire pile. For any questions about spring cleanup, call the Public Works Department at 319-385-1480 or City Hall at 319-385-1470.

The council approved the first reading of a proposed ordinance amending the zoning of the upcoming Robin Run Development property from B-3 to R-4.

Dan Williams and Sid Davis, of Davis Homes, are working to develop the land, on a parcel along the east side of the 1400 block of E. Linden Dr., into a modern manufactured housing community with private streets, utilities, landscaping, recreational areas, garden sheds and other necessities.

While B-3 district allows almost all commercial uses such as retail stores, restaurants, offices and gas stations, it does not allow for manufactured housing communities. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the city redesignate the land from B-3 to R-4 Mobile Home Park Residential District to allow Robin Run to move forward.

Building and Zoning Administrator Jack Swarm said that throughout this process of amending the ordinance and comprehensive plan, they have received no positive or negative comments from the public.

The council held their second reading of a proposed ordinance establishing a four-way stop at the intersection of Savannah and S. Prairie streets. With the opening of Savannah Heights Care Center, the intersection is predicted to have an increase in traffic. The council agreed to waive the third reading to put in the additional stop signs before Savannah Heights opens.

After years of service, Larry Hite is stepping down as Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. The council approved the hiring of John Boecker to replace Hite. He will report to Schleisman. Boecker will start April 30.

The next Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting will be Wednesday, April 11.