Panther Profile: Zach Beason

By Andy Krutsinger,

Mt. Pleasant News


Zach Beason is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the Panther football team.

Beason has been the starting quarterback at Mt. Pleasant since his sophomore year, throwing for 1,633 yards and 15 touchdowns last season.

Beason is also a member of the Panther wrestling, track and field, and baseball teams.

He met with The News on Tuesday after practice. The questions are in bold with his answers following.

Did you grow up here in Mt. Pleasant? I did not, actually. I grew up in Red Oak and moved here when I was in fourth grade.

How long have you been playing football? I?ve been playing football ever since I could walk. As far as I can remember. My dad was always a coach, so I always had a ball in my hand.

What made you want to become a quarterback? I?ve always been able to throw pretty well from a young age, and I guess I just wanted to be the guy.

You?re a pretty big guy for a quarterback, so how often on the field do you have to stop yourself from just trying to tuck it and run people over? A good amount. I try to be the thrower first, but a lot of times I just want to tuck it and run.

What feels better, throwing for a touchdown or running over someone to get to the end zone? I?d say it depends on how long the touchdown is.

So it?s like, 50 yards and up? Yeah, 50 and up is a pretty good feeling.

How is the college search going? It?s been going pretty well.

And you want to play football and college, right? I do.

Is there anything you look for in a college? Not really. I have received a few offers from colleges, so I?m just kind of looking at what I want for schooling, and I guess the best fit for me.

Do you know what major you?re interested in? I?ve looked into engineering some. Other than that, not really.

Other than the game, what is your favorite part of homecoming week? My favorite part of homecoming week would probably be the dance.

Do you have a prediction for the Powderpuff game on Thursday night? The seniors are going to take the ?W.?

You gonna coach? I am.

Word of phrase that Coach Striegel says the most during practice? Probably, ?footwork, Zach. It?s about footwork.? And that?s true in track and football.

What do you like better, home games or road games? I like home games better, but I play really well on the road for some reason. I don?t know why.

Is there any specific town that you feel like you play well in? Yeah, Ft. Madison.

When you are not at school or practice, what could you be found doing? Chilling at home. Just relaxing somewhere. Laid back somewhere.

Favorite movie or TV show? My favorite TV show would be ?Last Chance U? on NETFLIX.

Would you rather be rich or famous? I?d rather be rich.

How come? With fame comes a lot of hate, and a lot of spotlight. I?m not sure I?d want all that, so I just want the money.

If all your coaches got sick before a big game, and someone had to step up and be the player-coach, who would you pick? Jaden Davis.

That?s just because of general IQ? Yep! General IQ is huge.

If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would you choose? You know, I think I?d choose ?probably going back to football, someone like Tom Brady. Just to learn from him and just to see what they are all about, and what daily life is like. I?ve never really been close to one of those guys, so I don?t know what they do.

Well, they?re pretty rich so they probably live a pretty lavish lifestyle. Yeah, you?re right.

What if you could pick a superpower to have for the rest of your life? I would want to be able to fly.

Do you think they?d make a rule against it after you flew a couple times in a game? I don?t know ?probably. I hate traveling in cars too, so I could just fly to my destination.

So if you got the power to fly right now, where is the first place you?re going? I?m going to go to Iowa City to get something to eat. I?m pretty hungry.

Out of all your time in Mt. Pleasant, who has been your favorite teacher? I?d probably say Mrs. Conrad, my fourth-grade teacher. She was awesome.

Probably pretty special since you were new, right? Yeah! It was awesome. I had a great year with her.

Panther Profile is a series of interviews with Mt. Pleasant athletes currently in season. This season will focus on members of the Panther cross-country, football and volleyball teams.