Panther Profile: Maddie Williamson

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


Maddie Williamson is a junior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the Panther girls? basketball team.

Williamson is a starter for the second straight year and is currently leading the team with 15.7 points per game. She is also a member of the girls? track team.

Williamson met with The News on Tuesday evening before practice. The questions are in bold with her answers following.

Did you grow up here in Mt. Pleasant? Yes, I did.

How long have you been playing basketball? Since third grade.

Have you made plans for after high school? No, not really.

What do you like better home games or road games? I like home games because a lot of my family can be there.

When you go to away games, who do you think the best crowd is that you face? Probably Fairfield.

Do you have any superstitions? I have to wear the same socks and spandex to every game.

So do you have to wash them every day? Yes! My mom washes my laundry after every game so I can have my socks for the next one.

How about any nicknames? People call me ?Mads,? or ?Mad.?

How much do you get into the games that your dad is coaching? Are you pretty relaxed or are you a pretty loud fan? I?m a loud fan, me and my mom. We get in to it. It?s fun to watch.

Do you ever get mad and yell at the refs when he?s yelling at them? Yeah! My mom does that. I can?t say anything so I leave that up to my mom.

You and your dad one-on-one, first to 10. What is the final score? (Laughing) Um, I don?t know!

Could you beat him though? Maybe!

Which teammate talks most on the court? Kalynn Batey.

Which teammate is the most competitive? I don?t know, we?re both pretty equal.

You and Kalynn? Yeah, we both want to win games and do what?s best for the team.

If you were running for president and had to pick one of your teammates to be your running mate, who would you choose? Probably Kalynn.

How come? We?ve just been playing basketball for so long, we just are together.

Long bus rides, who is your seat buddy? Nobody, just me. Since we?re such a small team, we get our own individual seats.

Who?s the most likely to fall asleep on the way home? Karsyn Lamm (laughing). She sleeps before the games too. She?ll sleep on the floor.

Favorite movie or TV show? Probably ?Coach Carter,? or ?Love and Basketball.?

So basketball movies. Yep!

Would you rather win tickets to the Golden Globes, a Broadway play or the Superbowl? The Superbowl.

Do you have a favorite team? The New England Patriots

If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would you choose? I asked my team and they all told me to say Zac Efron.

What would you guys do? Play basketball.

Do you think you could take him? Nope!

What if you could pick a superpower? Probably being invisible. It would be fun just to like, mess with people.

Who is your favorite teacher? Probably Mr. Broeker. Our families are close and my dad and him are like best friends. He?s just really funny and gives me a lot of crap.

Do you like math? No! I hate it, but with him, he?s just funny.

Do you have any shout outs? To my dad, and my family, but most importantly my dad.

Panther Profile is a series of interviews with Mt. Pleasant athletes currently in season. This season will focus on members of the basketball, bowling and wrestling teams.