Panther Profile: Chi Glaha

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


Chi Glaha is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the Panther softball team.

Glaha has been the leadoff hitter for Mt. Pleasant for the past three years, and earned state-wide recognition last season with a second-team All-State selection. She was also named to the All-Tournament team at the state tournament, partially due to her game-tying two-out hit in the seventh inning of Mt. Pleasant?s quarterfinal game.

Glaha met with The News on Wednesday before practice. The questions are in bold wih her answers following.

Did you grow up in Mt. Pleasant? Yes, I did grow up in Mt. Pleasant.

How long have you been playing softball? Since I was like, five or six.

What got you into it, was it a family thing? Yeah, my dad is a big softball fanatic, so that?s kind of what started that.

Plans for after high school? Yes, I am going to the University of Iowa.

What are you studying? Because I heard it was some pretty complicated stuff. It?s not that complicated! It?s micro-biology?so it?s small.

That?s true. Do you have anything that you?re planning on doing with it? Really, at the moment I don?t know. I kind of plan on going to medical school to become a doctor but I?m not 100 percent sure. You can do a lot with it.

How often do you think about that game-tying hit at state last year? Quite often when we?re playing here and I can?t get a hit, and when I need to get a hit.

Just because you?ve done it before or are you psyching yourself up? I psyche myself out, because I think, ?I can do this!? And then I?ll swing really hard, and I?ll miss and think, ?Ok, I?ve got to stop.?

Are you and some of the older players embracing a leadership role this year? Yeah, a little bit. I?m not really much for making myself a leader. I think we?re more assimilated this year. We?re young. It?s a really young team this year, so it?s kind of nice to see what all they bring to the table.

You guys don?t do walk up songs?but if you did, what would be yours? I don?t know?we?ll go with ?Eye of the Tiger.? I really like that song.

Do you like, ?Rocky?? Yeah, I do.

If you were running for president and had to pick someone on your team to be your running mate, who would you choose and why? I think Lyndi (Vantiger) because she?s just really upbeat and can really get herself out there.

Do you have any nicknames? ?Chi,? ?Chee-Chee,? someone calls me ?Mama Chi,? there are a lot of things that go around.

Somebody in the stands calls you Mama Chi? No, Grace Kelley always calls me Mama Chi.

Favorite sport to play besides softball? Competition cheer. I?m really big into that, I love it.

So are you more nervous before a softball game or before a competition? Way more nervous for a softball game than I am ever about cheerleading, because I?m the only one up there. I can screw it up. But in cheer it?s not just me, it?s all of us together.

On an off day, when you don?t have school or softball, what is your preferred activity? I?m so lame. I read. I go out and read for a while.

So are you reading any interesting books right now? Right now I?m reading, ?A man without breath.? It?s some random book.

So how do you pick? Do you just go to the library and grab one? Well, Barnes and Noble was having a sale on two dollar books and I grabbed like, 15 of them and that?s the one that was on top.

Favorite movie or TV show? My favorite TV show is probably ?Friends.? I love ?Friends.?

If you could pick a celebrity to hang out with for a whole day, who would you choose? Probably Nicole Da Silva. She?s an actress from Australia. She?s in ?Wentworth.? It?s like a prison show.

What would you guys do? I don?t know, just hang out I guess.

If you were in Australia, you could?You could box a kangaroo! I would lose.

What if you could pick a super-power to have? I?d be invisible.

Any reason? Just to see what people say when you?re not around.

Oh, so pretty much just to eaves drop? Yeah! (Laughing). And to just be alone, I really like my alone time.

Do you have a favorite teacher? Mrs. Kohorst. She?s really helped me through a lot and she?s really motivational, and just really awesome.

Do you have any shout outs? I?ll shout out my brother Jaxon. He?s a dork.

Panther Profile is a series with interviews with Mt. Pleasant athletes currently in season. This season will focus on members of the Panther baseball and softball teams.