Panther Profile: Caleb Potts

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


Caleb Potts is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and a member of the Panther baseball team.

Potts has been a varsity baseball player for the last three years. He and twin brother Colby are also part of the Panther football team.

Potts met with The News on Tuesday after practice. The questions are in bold with his answers following.

Did you grow up here in Mt. Pleasant? Yep.

How long have you been playing baseball? I?ve been playing since t-ball league, so probably kindergarten maybe.

Do you know what you?re doing after high school? I?m going to Iowa with my brother. We?ll room for four more years since we?ve done it for 18.

What are you studying? I?m going into engineering. I?m still choosing between mechanical and civil engineering, so we?ll see where college takes me.

Do you have any nicknames? I get called a lot of names. Some of the more recent ones are ?Radio,? and?well I get called Colby a lot.

If you were running for president and had to pick one of your teammates to be your running mate, who would you choose? I would have to go with Dalton Gardner. He?s got a great personality, and he makes it seem like he knows what he?s talking about, so I think he could pick up a lot of followers.

How did it turn out that Colby was the pitcher and you were the catcher? Is that just how it worked out when you were kids? Yeah, we started in the back yard just playing catch. Eventually, my team realized that we needed a catcher. They put me back there just to see what happens, and it?s been like that ever since.

When Colby did Panther Profile, he made some claims. I want you to tell me whether or not they are true. Is he really the better driver? I would say I know how to get places better. I can get there faster, but yeah, he?s probably the better driver.

He also said you can?t cook, is that true? You know, I make a pretty mean frozen pizza, so I don?t know where he?s getting that from?but no, I can?t cook very well.

Does he ever cook for you? No, he doesn?t! He says he?s the better cook but he never cooks.

He also said, and I quote, ?I?m the smart one.? Is that true? You know, I?d probably give it to him. He?s overall smarter that I am but?yeah, I don?t got much to say on that.

So that one was true. Yeah.

Most importantly, he said he had the better haircut. Is that true? His hair is not better than mine. No haircut is obviously not a haircut, so I?d say I?ve definitely got the better hair, and he needs to learn how to control that flow.

Would you ever try the long hair look?
You kind of get to look at what it?d look like when he?s got it. Well, I watched Colby go through that awkward stage where it just looks horrible. If I could have long hair in the snap of my fingers I would, but I?m not going to go through the same stage he did.

If you could spend the day with one celebrity, who would you choose? Chris Evans, for sure. Plays Captain America. He?s hot.

He?s hot? Is that the only reason? Oh yeah! Nah, I think he?s a really cool dude. I?ve got a huge man-crush on him, so that?s what I would do.

What would you guys do? Oh, maybe nice dinner out on the beach or something. Candles, all that good stuff. Talk about life.

What if you could pick a superpower? I would have to go with, probably super strength. Just go be a beef cake out there, you know?

If you could pick an animal to live as for a day, what would you choose? Oh, a jaguar. They?re the strongest big cats out there in the world. Nothing flexes on them, you know? You can?t beat a jaguar.

Would you rather be rich or famous? I?d rather be rich. I don?t need all the cameras in my face 24/7, that?d just get annoying.

What is one word or phrase that Coach Broeker says to you the most in practice? The one he says most I can?t say on the newspaper. (Laughing) I think something I hear the most is probably just him saying, ?You helmet.?

?You helmet?? Yeah, just with all the mistakes I make sometimes.

Oh, so helmet means dummy? Yeah!

Favorite teacher? I?ve had a lot of great teachers. I think the math department probably has the strongest teachers I know. I think my favorite teacher was probably Broeker. He gets along with the kids pretty well, and knows how to talk to us.

Do you have any shout outs? I?d say Coach Kibbles. Tyler Kibbee. My junior year of football he made really enjoyable. He probably doesn?t know it, but he was the only reason I went out my senior year. I wasn?t having the best luck out there, but he made it fun.

Panther Profile is a series of interviews with Mt. Pleasant athletes currently in season. This season will focus on members of the baseball and softball teams.