One crazy adventure


Mt. Pleasant News

Sometimes I do stupid things.

On occasion I even know that what I am doing is risky, but I do it anyway and hope things turn out well.

Luckily for me this was the case about a year ago, when I did one of the riskiest things I have ever done; I delivered a package to a complete stranger for my ?crazy? uncle from California.

I got a package in the mail one day from my uncle, asking me to hand deliver a package to someone he knew who had recently moved to the area. He sent a package, an address and a name and asked me to deliver this in person.

Those were the only details I had to go on.

I asked around at work the next day if anyone knew this mystery person, but no one had ever heard of her.


At this point, my curiosity had gotten the better of me so I decided to deliver the mystery package right after work and find out what this was all about.

Since the details were pretty vague, I decided to make sure my now-fiancé (Scott proposed on Saturday, yippie!) and my parents knew the address I was going to and when I planned on returning home.

None of those people thought it was a particularly smart idea, but I trusted my uncle and was incredibly curious to find out what was in this package, so I went.

I put the address in my phone GPS, and followed the directions.

Ironically, it was stormy that night and the road my GPS took me on was a long gravel one, so by the time I reached the house I was pretty nervous and a little bit creeped out.

Walking up to this old farm house, all I could see was gun cases leaning up against the porch windows. I wondered what on earth my uncle had gotten me into.

An older gentleman answered the door and asked what I wanted. When I gave him the name of the lady I was looking for, he smiled and invited me inside.

I had never seen more guns in one place in my life when I walked in (which really isn?t saying much because I?m not around guns much at all), and I was terrified. I decided that would be the opportune moment to mention that I was dating someone in the army who knew exactly where I was right then and was very protective and had a very protective father who also knew my location.

The gentleman noticed I was staring at his guns, and told me he sells guns for a living.

That?s just great. What on earth was in this package?

Then the lady appeared in the doorway that I was there to see, and I introduced myself and then asked her if she knew my uncle.

At the mention of his name, the lady started giggling, then came a full belly laugh that assured me that she knew exactly who my crazy uncle was.

I told her about the package and my curiosity and asked if it was fine that I stayed while she opened it. She told me I could stay as long as I wanted to and there was plenty of food for supper if I cared to join them.

The package ended up containing a picture of my uncle and some teen-age boys that made her smile grow even bigger. She then explained to me that before she had left California for Mt. Pleasant, she had donated money to a program at the church she and my uncle attended and she jokingly told him she wanted proof that the money was going to help people. He smiled and told her that he would make sure she got proof. She wondered how on earth he would pull it off. Apparently that was where I came in.

When I went home, I called Scott and then my parents to let them know what had happened. While I did get a little bit of a talking to about going off on ?crazy adventures? like that, I don?t think delivering a package for a family member? crazy as he may be? is too much of a risk. Besides, sometimes being a little crazy and adventurous can be fun.