NL city council approves flooring for community hall

NEW LONDON - The New London city council met at the new community hall last night to continue discussing flooring for the new building. The conversation was tabled at the last meeting because council members Scott Campbell and Dan Berner were not present.

The proposed flooring is of carpet tiles in the community area and vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms.

The council met at the new community hall, 103 W. Washington St., on Tuesday, April 10, to visualize the project. A chalk line was drawn on the floor to represent the divide between the kitchen and the community area.

Talk over the proposed carpet tiles sparked debate. The projected cost of the project is $16,396.70. Carpet tiles were proposed because of the ease of replacing them. If one became unsightly, it could be peeled up and a new one could be placed down, saving money and time.

Campbell expressed concern that in the event a carpet tile needed replaced, it would not match the rest and create an eyesore in the room.

Council member Kirk Miller spoke up in favor of the carpet tile, as did council member Brad Helmerson.

Council member Tom Davis expressed concern regarding the cost of the project. ?It?s a lot of money for a building that?s sitting here, not getting used,? he said.

The building is expected to be used for city council meetings, voting and will be available for rent.

New London citizen Tracy Trejo agreed with Davis, saying the project was not worth the tax payer?s dollars. ?We?re just spinning our wheels and wasting money,? he said.

Despite the discussion, the motion was approved. Carpet tiles will be laid down in the community area and vinyl flooring will be used in the kitchen and bathrooms. There is no projected start date.

In addition to the council approving the plans for flooring, they also approved a new light bar for the police department?s 2015 Chevy Tahoe.

At the city council meeting on April 3, the council approved to have the lights reprogrammed on the police department?s vehicle. A new light bar was also proposed at that meeting, but denied because the current one is working.

Campbell and Berner, who were absent from the last meeting, brought up the conversation surrounding the light bar again Tuesday.

They proposed the council look into it because the new lights are brighter and more efficient.

The motion was approved 3-2 with Helmerson and Davis opposing.