New STEM based badges available for Girl Scouts to earn

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois is planning for continued growth as girls and parents join to earn 30 new badges.

The latest program rollout not only enhances the one-of-a-kind Girl Scout experience, but also addresses some of society?s most pressing needs such as cybersecurity, environmental advocacy, mechanical engineering, robotics, computer science and space exploration. In a safe, all-girl space, Girl Scouts develop important soft skills, including confidence and perseverance, as well as hard skills, setting them up for success and preparing them to take action for a better world.

?As our membership continues to grow, these badges will provide new opportunities. Girls today are so interested in the STEM fields and the new badges will help prepare them for the future,? said Diane Nelson, CEO Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. ?I?ve talked to many girls who are excited for the new space exploration badges that were designed in partnership with NASA. It is great to see top organizations work with Girl Scouts to design badges that interest today?s girls.?

Girls ready to earn the new badges, as well as participate in unique activities, can visit to register today.

The volunteer-led organization is looking for positive role models to lead troops of new Girl Scouts. Serving as a troop leader is a commitment to helping girls grow in courage, confidence and character. A troop leader?s role is to connect girls with opportunities to develop their skills and challenge them to think creatively about how they can make the world a better place. Beyond just parents, all community members are invited to volunteer. From young professionals inspiring the next generation of female leaders to empty nesters sharing their skills with girls, volunteers are stepping up to provide an impactful experience for local girls.

?You can be that role model that makes a difference in the lives of girls,? said Nelson. ?We have many girls who want to join the program, but don?t have adult volunteers able to make their experience possible. When one volunteers for Girl Scouts, they will not only help girls develop their talents and skills while earning badges, but also will find themselves learning right alongside the girls.?

Every volunteer will have a variety of resources to make their troop successful. To learn more about volunteering call 800-798-0833 or visit

Through the Girl Scout Program, girls learn to face challenges head-on, embrace failure as a learning opportunity, create lasting relationships, and find dynamic solutions to social issues ? all while building the skills and courage they need to take the lead every day and empower themselves for life. To join or volunteer, visit