New London subdivision gets back on track

By Gretchen Teske, Mt. Pleasant News


NEW LONDON ? Five lots from the Pine St. subdivision have been sold but little action has been taken. However at Tuesday night?s meeting, the New London City Council got the conversation back on track by discussing grating, covenants, lot prices and finance information regarding the land.

The council decided the best way to make the ground enticing was to have it graded and they will hear bids at the next meeting. Last year the city sold five lots but not all have houses on them. The council discussed implementing an incentive which would require a home to be built within 12 months of the time the lot is purchased and the builder will receive $10,000 back.

?If we really want to do this we need to move forward and have lots to sell,? said council member Kirk Miller. Council member Brad Helmerson agreed, saying the council needed to move forward with the project if they wanted to see developers come in. ?We?ve got to put in the streets and we?ve got to put in the sewer,? he said. ?That?s what we have to do.?

The council decided to accept bids for grading to move forward with the project and will hear those bids at the next meeting. No further action was taken.

Last week the city heard the results of a senior housing feasibility assessment in regards to opening a new senior living facility. The results of the survey showed a 40-bed unit was required to make 20 percent back on profits. However, this would require large investors. Miller was concerned about finding investors in the area while Helmerson stayed optimistic. ?I think we need to get the word-of-mouth going, and maybe somebody will come forward,? he said. ?It?s still a very viable thing we need.?

The council also discussed the purchase of a portable grinder by Public Works for the disposal of limbs, which also will produce mulch for the city?s use. Mayor Ron Sadler was for the idea, saying it was a ?pretty good deal? and believes it will save money in the long-run. Currently the city is in contract with Waste Management for dumpsters which cost $270 a load and the city averages 100 loads a year. The new grinder will cost $68,500.

If the city chooses to purchase the new grinder, a concrete storage container will be built for the waste and a loader will drop the waste into the grinder. Mulch will then be created out of the waste for the city to use. Because of the high demand, the equipment will take four to six months to be delivered. The council tabled the conversation until the next meeting.

No verdict was reached on the allowance of golf carts and UTV?s on city streets. The council looked at ordinances laid out by similar towns and decided if they were to allow the vehicles, the age requirement would be 21 instead of 18. The vehicles would be required to have working headlights, taillights and brake lights to operate after dark. Non-compliance with these rules will result in a moving violation which will show on ones permanent record and a revocation of their registration with the city for the remainder of the year. The council plans to discuss the possibility with the public safety department at their next meeting. No action was taken.

The community center is now open and available for rent. The center can be rented for $75 a day or $40 for four hours. The council approved the purchase of two signs for the building. They were purchased from Signs and Designs of Mt. Pleasant at a cost of $620 each and a $40 set up fee. The signs will read ?New London Community Center? and will be black and gold to match the other signs in town.

The old community hall still is for sale. The council has been in contact with staff at Lake Geode for the purchase. They are waiting on a response.

In other business, the council:

? Appointed Mike Westerbeck, Tim Jacobs and Lisa Scott to the Planning and Zoning committee.

? Authorized the city engineer to attempt to repair a slide at City Park, which is cracked and cannot be replaced. If the repair does not work, the council approved a $600 block-off for the space.

? Approved using excess city paint to improve private business parking lot lines as the city deems necessary.

? Appointed Bryan Kleinkoph as lead equipment operator for the Public Works Department.

? Accepted the resignation of Sidney Schmitt as utility trustee.

The next meeting of the New London City Council is Tuesday, August 7, at 6 p.m. in the city office.