New London High School looking for vendor to provide driver education

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


New London ? New London High School will begin outsourcing driver education.

After the high school?s driver education teacher stepped down, leaving a vacant position, the New London School Board voted to privatize the class and will begin to look for a vendor to provide the curriculum, drivers? vehicles and teacher during their meeting on Monday, Dec. 18.

District superintendent Chad Wahls said that this decision will take the wear and tear off the school-owned vehicles and takes the scheduling pressure off administration.

Board secretary Jessica Boyer said that driver education through the school previously cost $345. The rates offered through driver education companies are comparable to this, and free and reduced will still apply with the district honoring those waivers and the school paying the difference on the students? behalf.

Questions arose during the meeting of what apparel or district property needs to have a New London Tigers logo on it.

Because of confusion regarding whether or not athletic teams within the New London school district need to include an approved school logo, the board voted that student-designed apparel is open to coaches? discretion pending approval of the administration. However, either the tiger head or ?NL? will be emblemed on all district purchased items such as goal post pads, wrestling mats or garbage cans, to name a few examples.

?I think you need to have a little flexibility in it,? board member Jesse Howard said. ?You have branding, but different types of branding. As long as it?s in good taste,? he continued in regards to whether students can design their own school apparel.

In other news, the district withheld payment from Hackett Construction regarding the patchwork done to the track on New London?s new athletic complex. Wahls is requesting an extended warranty on the track because a repair needed to be made to the newly-laid asphalt. He said Hackett Construction is refusing to extend the warranty, saying the track looks great from the view of spectators.

However, Wahls said this isn?t about spectators, but about the public and community who raised money for the track with their own blood, sweat and tears.

The next New London school board meeting is Monday, Jan. 15.