New London City Council hears residents' complaints

By Karyn Spory, Mt. Pleasant News


Two New London residents raised their grievances with the city during Monday night?s city council meeting.

Barry Lyons first approached the council to discuss the sewer charges for his property at 414 W. Wilson St. Lyons said one of the turn off valves on his water spigot broke, causing the water to continuously run on his lawn. Lyons did not dispute the water charges, but since the water soaked into his yard and was not discharged into the sewer for treatment, he wondered if those charges could be dismissed. Lyons said his sewer bill was $46 more than average due to the leak.

City Clerk Kasi Howard said the city had never dismissed sewer charges before. ?We have a lot of people with leaks that never get reimbursed.?

Lyons then took a few minutes to air his grievances with Mediacom with the council members. Lyons said the cable provider, who has contracts with the city, has been on his property three times over the last six years for various reasons and each time they leave his yard a mess. ?There are huge ruts in my yard ... and I?ve come home to find scraps of metal there.? Lyons asked the council to review their contract with the provider to make sure the company is responsible for ?leaving my yard in the same condition they found it.?

Peg Parks said the sewer drain had been replaced at the end of her driveway at her home on S. Pine St. ?When it was done, the first time we came home, it just about ripped off the front of our car.?

Parks said she has spoken with Howard several times about how steep the end of her driveway is now and yet no one has been out to look at it. ?We feel something could be done to build it back up,? she said.

Mike Phillips Jr., public works director, told Parks he would stop by her home later in the week to assess the drain.

Later in the meeting, the council approved several ordinances and resolutions. The council approved the provisions pertaining to solid waste control. The provisions allow recreational fires within city limits. The council approved the amending provisions to the city?s fireworks regulations.

Lastly, the council also approved the sponsorship of the annual holiday stroll as well as a $500 donation and appointed Shannon Wellington to the Utility Board with a term ending on Nov. 30, 2023. Wellington is to replace Cris Juian.

The next meeting of the New London City Council will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 6 p.m., in the City Office.