My first Old Threshers


Mt. Pleasant News

This year marks an event that may end up being a milestone in my life ? my first time at Old Threshers.

Before I moved to Mt. Pleasant, I was looking around online to see what I could find out about the place I was to call home. Of course, I found many links referencing the Old Threshers Reunion, though I had never heard of the event before. I didn?t even know what a thresher was. I had to Google it.

After moving here, I began to hear stories. Everybody who lived here seemed to have something to tell me about the Reunion and how it would transform the city of Mt. Pleasant for those five days. I?ve heard tales of traffic, garage sales and tractors. Tales of gunslingers, saloon girls and pioneers.

These stories only increased in number in the weeks leading up to the Reunion as the county began to eat, sleep and breathe Old Threshers. I felt like I needed to make myself a list of everything I was advised to see.

In those last few days of August before Old Threshers officially began, I was torn between excitement at finally experiencing this event I had heard so much about and the desire to avoid the massive crowds by holing up in my apartment for five days.

I reckoned I probably had enough canned food to last me until Tuesday.

However, I could not let my dislike of large crowds deter me. After all, I had a job to do. Pictures to take. A story to write.

After a short time spent at the grounds Wednesday night for the Jake McVey show, Thursday found me slathering on the sunscreen, putting on my old worn out sneakers, grabbing my camera and hopping on the shuttle bus to the Old Threshers grounds.

It was a bit overwhelming at first. There was almost too much to look at.

I really enjoyed the Log Village. Being the big period drama geek that I am, I loved all the costumes there and thought it would be absolutely amazing to dress up and walk around like that all day. I actually bought myself a bonnet and a reticule (small drawstring bag used as a purse in olden times) just because I found them awesome and I enjoy being able to say I own a reticule.

Because of my love for costume dramas, I also loved the North Village set up as a wild west town. I loved watching the gunslingers and the saloon girls. I enjoyed the feeling of stepping into that alternate universe for a short time.

People weren?t lying when they said Old Threshers transforms the city. For a short time, Mt. Pleasant became this alternate universe. Old Threshers becomes the sun that the city revolves around and we?re all brought along for the ride.

I for one, enjoyed the ride. Between walking around the grounds on Thursday and Saturday, attending a couple of the concerts and doing the whole garage sale thing on Saturday morning, I had an absolute blast, and I look forward to 2012.