Mt. Union man believes city snow removal is possible

To the editor:

?The sky is not falling in Mt. Union?.

The Mt. Pleasant News headlines and article on Jan. 22, 2016, Board of Supervisors meeting may lead one to think so, at least for snow removal. That is far from reality. The Mayor of Mt. Union may have wished the Board and the public to believe so. Cities receive R.U.T. (Road Use Tax) from the State of Iowa. These monies are placed in an account for repair, maintenance, equipment, wages for streets and roads. This includes snow removal.

The December 2015 city financial report of the R.U.T. account states an ending balance of $11,049.86. This would be the beginning balance for January 2016, plus a monthly deposit of R.U.T. money between $600 and $800. It is easy to assume the R.U.T. account has over $11,500. The R.U.T. account has not and cannot be garnished, the mayor is well aware of this. The City recently purchased a truck with a snow blade with R.U.T. money.

It seems the only expense for snow removal would be the $10 an hour wage for the city maintenance man. I believe $11,500 will cover his wage.


Dan Johnson

Mt. Union