Mt. Pleasant purchases new rescue vehicle, finalizes purchasing land on Cedar Street

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


The city is purchasing a new rescue vehicle thanks to the help of the Mt. Pleasant Benefitted Fire District.

A resolution approved by the Mt. Pleasant City Council on Wednesday, Jan. 10, asked that since Mt. Pleasant runs their rescue vehicle outside of city limits more than inside city limits, that the Fire District share the cost of a new rescue vehicle.

The city is paying $400,000 for a new rescue vehicle and the Fire District will contribute $100,000 over two years.

?It?s a great, joint, cooperative agreement,? said Brent Schleisman, city administrator.

During the meeting, Mayor Steve Brimhall took a moment to celebrate the growth Mt. Pleasant has seen, saying that evaluation has increased $13 million or about 4.7 percent over the past year, ?which makes budgeting a little easier,? he said with a smile.

?This is good news because there are some communities around us who haven?t seen that kind of growth and have seen some decreases,? Brimhall said, adding that one of the city?s primary focuses is continued housing so the city continues to grow.

?We need more places for people to live because there?s lots of jobs here,? Brimhall said. ?We need a place for them to stay rather than out of town. We would like them here paying property tax and enjoying the things of Mt. Pleasant.?

Additionally, Brimhall said that they closed on the eight acres of property the city purchased on Cedar Street. The city purchased it jointly with utilities. Brimhall said that now they have a place for a well and the city has a place for a small park on the northeast side of town.

This project is something Brimhall and Schleisman said they have been talking about for 15 to 20 years. Previously the woman who owned the property was unwilling to sell, but after she died, Brimhall said that her heirs were willing to sell the land to the city.

?It suits both our purposes, and it?s good for the city of Mt. Pleasant,? Brimhall said.

In other news, the council approved adopting the final plans for the Jay Street sewer reconstruction project. The project is necessary to redirect the flow of wastewater being transported to the N.E. Lagoon. The city will be closing the N.E. Lagoon in a couple years and will redirect this waste stream through the Jay Street sewer down to the SBR Plant.

In other resolutions, the council approved an ordinance which establishes a minimum of 24 feet width for residential structures allowed to be built in a business zoning district. This minimum width is consistent with the building requirements of all residential zoning districts. This ordinance will make all housing requirements consistent within the city.

As the meeting adjourned, director of Public Works Rick Mullin thanked the utilities department for helping them take down Christmas decorations in the square on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

The next Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 24.