Mt. Pleasant News Editorial

The Mt. Pleasant News is not closing.

There has been some discussion, gossip and/or rumors around the community recently that would falsely lead people to believe that we are planning to dismiss our entire staff and shut our doors. We have heard this talk and feel it is important to let you, our readers and advertisers, know that this is simply not true.

We are a business, just like many others, that must adapt and change with the goal of continuing to provide the best products and services to our customers at rates that keep us competitive with our competition. The Mt. Pleasant News has been a part of this community for more than 135 years, and with the ability to adapt to a changing world we intend to be here, in Mt. Pleasant, for many more years.

Change is a scary word for some people. It can be scary. It can be difficult. It can also be an opportunity to grow and expand. We recently made some very difficult changes. Our people, who work hard, are a part of our change. No doubt this is where many of the rumors were born about us closing shop.

The Mt. Pleasant News still employs 14 good people in its office to produce and deliver quality publications. The news, advertising, circulation and distribution staffs will continue to be based right here in Mt. Pleasant. Keeping these departments local allows us to remain responsive to the community and deliver timely and relevant news and advertising to you.

We will, no doubt, continue to make changes that help us improve your reader experience. Most of these changes you may not even notice, some you will. All will be implemented in an effort to give you a stronger community newspaper. To be a strong community newspaper in Mt. Pleasant there are a few things that cannot change ? we are not closing, we will still have a solid local staff and our address will continue to end with Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 52641.