Mt. Pleasant High School honors veterans with homemade breakfast

By Karyn Spory, Mt. Pleasant News


The faint sound of eggs cracking filled the almost non-sexist silence between conversations in the Mt. Pleasant High School commons. The smell of sauteed onions wafted toward one of the back tables where Louisa Unkrich, one of many veterans, sat.

?Feel very honored,? said Unkrich, a Rosie the Riveter who was one of thirty-some veterans receiving a homemade breakfast in honor of Veterans Day.

The idea to serve a breakfast honoring veterans came from English teacher, Jessi Rich, who is a veteran herself. Rich previously worked at the middle school, where they had a similar event. ?Being a veteran myself, and being married to a veteran, I wanted us to do something to honor veterans.?

Rich and her husband, Brent, both served in the Army National Guard. The breakfast was a family affair for the Richs, as Brent?s great-grandfather, Frank Willy, a World War II veteran, joined them at the high school.

The breakfast was prepared and served by the school?s culinary arts students. Marjorie Beckman, the culinary arts instructor, said she decided to have her students prepare omelets for the veterans so they could demonstrate their skills and prepare the food in front of an audience.

?This has been awesome,? Beckman said of the breakfast. ?The veterans have really enjoyed it. They?ve gotten to order what they wanted and I think they really liked watching the kids.?

Students and staff members signed up veterans for the breakfast in the school?s office. ?Every single veteran that was signed up is here,? said Rich. ?That?s amazing.?

Rich said the students were excited about the idea from the get-go, although they did have some hesitation having to be at the school at 7 a.m.

National Guardsmen Vin Phan and Jordan Norton said they were both excited to be invited to the school for breakfast. ?This is the first time I?ve been to a high school breakfast,? said Phan. ?It was really cool to see all of the kids out here cooking for us and actually making the food and not just getting catering and serving it.?

Both men agreed the omelets were delicious. ?They did a good job,? continued Phan. Norton added he was pleased the younger generation was showing interest in area veterans.

Rich said she felt the breakfast was important because it makes the students aware of the veterans and their service to the country. ?I think if we?re not doing something then (the students are) not necessarily aware of the community members and the service others are doing for them,? she said. ?Especially with Veterans Day being on the weekend, having this breakfast puts it at the forefront of their mind.?

The Veterans Breakfast was served in the High School commons from 7 to 8 a.m., today (Thursday, Nov. 9), and also included a performance from the choir.