Mt. Pleasant had an undefeated basketball team

To the editor:

Does anyone in Mt. Pleasant know there was a basketball team that was undefeated this year? The eighth-grade boys? C team was.

The Mt. Pleasant News is a local paper and yet we see no result in the paper showing the middle school results. We don?t need a full page write-up, but it would be nice to see the scores. The A and B teams also had outstanding seasons, again no mention.

The coaches, Tim Taylor and Brent Broeker, did an excellent job all season long. If you had watched all three teams this season you would not believe the improvement shown by all players. The coaches made it fun, but also taught the players about teamwork and the fundamentals of basketball. The girls also had a team, again no mention in the paper.

If the boys? team is an indicator of how Mt. Pleasant middle school coaches teach their teams, I?m sure they had a good season, too.

I am proud to see the accomplishment of the boys? team, not just for their excellent season records, but the exceptional sportsmanship and the way they represented Mt. Pleasant. I just wish The News would show this to the community, a little recognition of these fine players and coaches would go a long way.

Dale Wohlleber,

Mt. Pleasant


Editor?s note: The Mt. Pleasant News strives to cover as many events ? sports or otherwise ? as possible. With only one sports reporter on staff, and coverage responsibilities that include four high schools and the college, we simply cannot make it to every game, match or event. We would like to include more results, especially when the kids in our community do great things, such as an undefeated season. To get those results included in your community newspaper we must rely on the generosity and willingness of coaches, parents and fans to provide us with results and stats. You can help us by sending the information to and we will do our best to include it in the paper.