Mt. Pleasant citizen urges something be done to control Franklin  Ave. odor

To the editor:

Before I get started, let me say that this letter is not about farmers! I absolutely have nothing against the ?Family Farmer?. In fact, I have relatives and friends who are farmers.

No, why I am writing this letter is because of the concern I have for all who live near or have to drive on Franklin Avenue between Salem and Trenton. Some of you who travel this road will understand exactly what I am talking about. That awful odor, that terrible stink, that horrible methane polluted air we are forced to breathe and smell.

I travel Franklin Avenue daily or at least every other day and have for many, many years. It used to be enjoyable to drive along with the windows down on a breezy summer day. But not anymore. Now, I am forced to keep the windows up and it still doesn?t take care of the awful smell that fills the air and manages its way into my car. There have been times (even most recently) that I had to actually hold my nose while driving because the methane smell was so strong it almost made me gag. Believe me it is not a good thing to be driving down the road while gagging on the bad smelling air.

I have talked with a few people who live in and around the area of each of the two hog confinement operations on Franklin Avenue. A couple of families live across the field from them and each have talked with how unhappy they are about the odor situation that the hog confinement operations are emitting. They all have complained about how they can no longer sit outside in their yards or on their decks and enjoy a nice summer night because of the awful methane smell. I seriously wonder about how this horrible smell will affect the property value of each home near or within smelling distance of one of these hog operations.

Now I have been told that this methane odor can be controlled and almost eliminated in one of these hog operations, but the people in charge/owners choose not to do so because it does not benefit them profit wise. Well, I say if you want to build a hog operation, then the county needs to set rules and limits, especially concerning the air pollution from the methane smell. It should be mandatory the odor be controlled. After all, who is more important...we the people! Or the pig poop! Some people say that it?s the smell of money, maybe it is. In that case, I say use some of that money to fix the problem!

Give me back my summer drives on Franklin Avenue without that awful smell.


Sheila Carr

Mt. Pleasant