Mt. Pleasant bowling tops Washington, falls to West Central

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


The Mt. Pleasant bowling teams hosted Washington and West Central on Thursday afternoon. The Panthers finished second in both meets.

The boys threw a 2,211, which was second to West Central (2,249) and beat Washington (1,528). The girls threw a 1,989, which lost to West Central (2,063), but topped Washington (1,800).

The boys? team was led by Mark Steinhoff, who threw a 143 in his first game and a 206 in his second game to finish at 349. Sam Anderson was second, throwing a 148 and a 178 to end the round at 326.

Ethan Oilar rolled a 156 and a 137 to finish at 293. Tritan Dirth rolled a 130 and a 155 to end the round at 285. Brandon Parton threw a 150 and a 121 to finish at 271, and Levi Mills rolled a 121 and a 143 to score 264.

The Mt. Pleasant boys? baker games went 106, 113, 153, 124 and 191.

On the JV side for the boys, Payton Lovan rolled a 176 (94 and 82), and Ben Baccam rolled a 164 (83 and 63). Baker games went 87, 76, 74, 115 and 116.

Alexis Wohlleber had a big night for the Panther girls, rolling a 144 in her first game and a 179 in her second game to lead the way with 323. Emily Shumaker was second, throwing a 139 and a 148 to end the round at 287.

Kelsey Hummell rolled a 123 and a 135 to finish the round at 258. Gillian Anderson threw a 124 and a 104 to end the day at 228. Tylisa Kelley rolled a 119 and a 93 for a final score of 212, and Brittany Triska rolled a 99 and a 77 to finish the round at 176.