Mt. Pleasant bowling split with Fairfield

By Andy Krutsinger, Mt. Pleasant News


FAIRFIELD ? The Mt. Pleasant bowling teams competed at Southeast Conference rival Fairfield on Saturday evening. The girls? team picked up their third win of the season, topping the Trojans 1,999-1,906. The boys? team fell 2,522-2,171.

The Panther girls were co-led by Kelsey Hummell and Emily Shumaker, who finished with 301 apiece. Hummell threw a 154 in her first game and a 147 her second game, and Shumaker rolled a 164 in the first game and a 137 in the second.

Alexis Wohlleber bowled a 133 in her first game and a 114 in her second to finish at 247. Gillian Anderson rolled a 114 and a 129 to score a 243. Meadow Jensen rolled a 107 and a 134 to finish at 241, and Tylisa Kelley rolled a 124 and a 70 to finish at 194.

Baker games for the Mt. Pleasant girls went 124, 111, 141, 161 and 129 to equal out at 666.

Brittany Triska rolled a 128 and a 95 to lead the junior varsity girls with a 223. Rachel Kuckes bowled a 115 and an 87 for a 202. Ariouny Phoys rolled a 102 and an 85 for a total of 187, and Alex Hedgecock rolled a 93 and a 73 to end the round at 166.

JV baker games for the girls went 197, 102, 72, 96 and 91, to equal out to 558.

Tristan Dirth led the Mt. Pleasant boys? team with a 345. He rolled a 205 in his first game and a 140 in his second game. Brandon Parton rolled a 157 and a 153 to give the Panthers another bowler over 300, at 310.

Mark Steinhoff rolled a 128 and a 168 to end the round at 296. Ethan Oilar was right behind him, rolling a 140 and a 151 to finish at 291. Levi Mills bowled a 136 and a 149 to score a 285, and Kyle Medina rolled a 118 and a 113, for a total of 231.

Baker games for the varsity boys went 114, 156, 125, 102 and 147 to end the round with a 644.

Blaine Bowman rolled a 92 in both games to lead the junior varsiry boys with a 184. Payton Lovan rolled an 89 and an 84 to finish at 173, and Clayton Wilson bowled a 95 and a 74 to end the round at 169.

Baker games for the junior varsity boys went 119, 99, 131, 74 and 75 to finish out at 498.