Mr. President: Forget about Twitter

I just don?t understand Donald Trump. I doubt whether I am alone in that thinking.

Prior to his presidential eletion win in November, Trump never held elective office. While some may see that as a blessing, I see it as a double-edged sword. It is refreshing to see a non-politican or a non-member of the ?swamp,? elected to public office. However, with public service comes a responsibility, much larger than that faced by the owner of a conglomerate.

Public servants are open to criticism with the higher the office, the more criticism.

Most elected officials understand this because they have had prior office experience. During their political career, they have developed thick skin. While the criticism still stings, but they know it goes along with the territory.

I doubt Trump will ever grasp this. He is and always will be a businessman. In that role, he has had to criticize and terminate those who did not meet his standards, or sometimes disagreed with him. In short, he could and did act like a dictator.

He has brought that same philosophy to the White House.

I agree that the press is out to get him, and he has given them ample ammunition. Never has a president come under the scrutiny that Trump has. One of the roles of the press is to be a watchdog for the people but the national media is carrying that responsibility much too far.

What bothers me most is his constant use of Twitter to attack those who disagree with or offend him. As a businessman, he should know that some of those conversations are best held behind closed doors. If you have a problem with someone, resolve it in private.

Trump handles things differently. Sometimes it is like he hasn?t shifted gears from his television show ?The Apprentice,? a show I rarely watched.

His approval ratings are on life support. Looking at those ratings just seven months into his first term, it is a wonder he was elected. What does that say about Hillary Clinton?

A few years ago, I told a prominent Republican I could never vote for Terry Branstad. The Republican urged me to do so. ?Just go in there, pinch your nose shut and mark your ballot,? he advised. I thought about it but just coiuldn?t pull the trigger.

There might have been a lot of nose pinching last November.

Glancing back to recent history, Trump has always been under-estimated by the press. Perhaps, it has something to  do with its disdain for him, but most polls gave him little chance in not only the first wave of GOP presidential primaries but also in the general election.

They were all wrong. Not only did Trump win both, he cruised to victory in both the primary and general election.

Why? Not sure. My hunch is that believe it or not, Trump flies under the radar. Iowa polls a year ago had Clinton winning Iowa. About six weeks before the election, I took a trip across two-thirds of the state. I saw hundreds of political signs, and those presidential election signs favored Trump by about 50-1.

Trump?s decisive win in Iowa did not surprise me.

I have mixed feelings on whether he really wants the job. One part of me says his ego and thirst for power needs it. Another says that the constant criticism has to be taxing.

Other than feeding his thirst for power, he doesn?t need the job.

And as he continues his  presidency, use the former anti-drug slogan (?just say no?). The constant social media blasts aren?t doing him or anyone else any good.