MP Utilities working to get power restored after storms

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Following heavy storms Tuesday evening, the main power feeders to Mt. Pleasant are up and running, while Mt. Pleasant Utilities works with isolated pockets of power outages to restore full power to the city.

Mt. Pleasant Utilities began working immediately after the storm blew through around 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28, and has three crews out on Wednesday from New London, Muscatine and Durant to assist local employees.

?We brought resources in right away because of the severity of the storm and the timing couldn?t be worse with Old Threshers and with a lot of people in the community,? said Jack Hedgecock, Mt. Pleasant Utilities general manager.

Walt Jackson, with Henry County Emergency Management Services, spoke with Mt. Pleasant Utilities Tuesday night as they assessed damage and came up with an emergency plan.

Critical care customers Mt. Pleasant Utilities had notifications from had their power turned back on before Wednesday morning.

The majority of the damage occurred in the heart of the town and to the south, Hedgecock said, estimating the winds got up to 60 miles per hour, based on storm damage. While there was ?not too much? damage to houses, there were several power lines across the road and tangled up in trees, Hedgecock said.

The Henry County Health Center suffered some electrical damage because of ?tree issues,? Hedgecock said, and were operating on their generator last night. ?It?s a very unfortunate, sad deal for the community,? Hedgecock said. ?There were no injuries and no accidents that I?m aware of, which is the top priority for customers and the employees.?

Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Ron Archer said they were working to get streets and sidewalks cleared. They were called out to the Old Threshers campground Tuesday night for a tree limb that fell on a camper.

Archer said residents were careful about driving through the storm and it went ?as well as can be expected.?

If there is wire on the ground, Hedgecock said not to touch it and to call Mt. Pleasant Utilities or local law enforcement to work through the problem.

All debris from the storm can be taken to a compost pile at 715 E. Henry Street.